Nora Pearl Darling

At 12.38pm on Thursday the 20th of August our much loved mother Nora Pearl Darling finally picked up her cello and piano (she was a strong woman) and left us to join the orchestra in her afterlife. As was her way she fought cancer to the very end and passed away in Ballycastle were the people of the town have looked after her as if she was a relative of their own. Her children would like to thank all the friends and pupils who made her life so happy and rich In the years she lived here.

She will be cremated at Roselawn  Mum did not want any service and in line with the current crisis a very small group of relatives will attend to say goodbye. Please raise a glass to her at that time if you wish. A cup of tea would have been her choice. Mum is in a closed coffin at her home Sunday so you can pay your respects if you wish. Light a candle for her, she would like that. If you would like to drop by the house for a bad cup of coffee (if I make it, good if Debbie makes it) or tea next week, We will happily make you one and share a small (very small) bit of the cake/ breads that some wonderful friends made to feed her, Debbie and I in her final days. If we are out we will be on the beach thinking about her.
Thank you for looking after her Ballycastle people.