Lucia Quinney Mee

Service order for
Lucia Quinney Mee

Service Date 03-Jun-20 at 4:00
Service Chapel Crematorium – Honor Oak
Website www.obitus.com
Username Huji0614
Password 102516
You can login to our website at any time to view a test connection (and we strongly recommend you do this) but you’ll only be able to view the Live Webcast between approx. 15:58 and 16:50 on Wednesday 03 June. Once the service has finished, it will take us up to 3 working days to get the 28-day Watch Again onto the website.

By default there is a viewer limit on this webcast. Therefore to ensure close family and friends will be able to join us live, please consider safely sharing one device where possible, or consider watching when it becomes available for the 28 day watch again. Thank you.